We create and execute real estate strategies for property owners, builders, and service providers . 

SEElogix, Inc. is a privately held company located in Richmond, Virginia.  Founded in 2012, SEElogix creates strategies where property owners, builders, and service providers can collect, manage, and use information to grow the value of a real estate property while decreasing it's energy footprint. 

Everything About Your Home.

Most builders give their new homeowners a three ring binder with all the information about their new home. Uplined replaces the three-ring binder with a website for the house and uses that information to create a monthly maintenance program specifically for their home. 

How Is Your Building Spending Your Money?

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Starting with the building benchmark process to baseline the owning and operating cost of buildings; SEEmybuilding creates a strategy to proactively manage the property that unlocks hidden profits and avoids future capital risk events.